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TKTX Aesthetics Numbing Gel 40% (15ml)

TKTX Aesthetics Numbing Gel 40% (15ml)

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15ml TKTX Aesthetics Mid Session Numbing Gel

• Deep action numbing gel
• Activates in under 5 minutes
• Can be reapplied during any procedure
• Numbing effect lasts up to 4 hours

• Leave on for a maximum of 2 hours

New tattoos and piercings can often be quite daunting knowing that they are painful or uncomfortable, but don’t endure the pain when there’s an easy option not to. With TKTX Aesthetics Gel, you don’t need to worry about having another stressful or painful treatment again because with this product you can keep applying it over and over again during your session.

TKTX Aesthetics Numbing Gel is ultra-fast acting taking less than 5 minutes to take effect and lasts up to 4 hours, making it one of the quickest acting numbing products on the market. This quick acting gel provides strong and intense topical anaesthesia making it well suited for bigger tattoos, sensitive piercings and permanent makeup applications. The numbing gel has become really popular for those worried about the numbing effect wearing out because with this product you can reapply it again mid session.

The Numbing Cream Co is a proud and trusted seller. Each of our orders includes a hologram of authenticity, so you can believe that we stand by the quality of our products with every order sent out.

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Our topical numbing products provide a deep numbing experience, perfect for cosmetic treatments and procedures such as:

• Tattoos of all sizes
• Sensitive body piercings
• Laser hair removal
• Body and bikini waxing
• Microblading and needling
• Microblading
• Semi-permanent make-up
• Lip fillers and cosmetic procedures
• Minor surgery
• Anorectal disorders



As with anything you put on your skin, there is always a chance of a reaction but this can be dramatically reduced by following these steps:

• Patch test the area at least 24 hours prior to using the product
• Refrain from drinking alcoholic products 24 hours before using the product
• Ensure your hands are thoroughly washed both before and after usage
• Shave or remove any excess hair where the product is going to be applied
• Before applying the product make sure your skin is clean, dry and warm
• Creams require a 2-3mm layer over the area whereas gels and sprays can vary
• Cover the area with cling film or plastic wrap making sure its airtight
• You can use masking tape to secure the film in awkward areas
• Leave creams on for no longer than 2 hours whereas gels and sprays activate faster
• Do not apply to anywhere else apart from exterior skin


Our numbing cream tube sizes are all 10g but numbing gels and sprays will vary between 15ml and 30ml. All products are strictly for external use only and will need to be stored above 0°C and below 30°C.

Ingredients: Benzyl Alcohol, Carbomer 934, Lecithin (Soybean), Propylene Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Water, Aloe.



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We advise taking precautions with this product if you suffer from:

• High blood pressure
• Liver disease
• Heart disease
• Diabetes
• Depression
• Thyroid disease
• Difficulty urinating due to to enlargement of prostate gland
• Allergic reactions from any of the active ingredients
• Or if you are pregnant and breastfeeding


• Do not leave numbing creams on for longer than 2 hours
• Keep the product out the reach of children
• Avoid contact with eyes and rectum
• Replace the cap after use
• Be safe and responsible with this product